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Own it

Stop owning a job!

Start Owning a Dental Business!

Why Own It?

Start Living Life!


We can help you get out of the dental chair! Work as much or as little as you like! 

Own It Dental Consulting can provide you with the business management systems, and data analytics so that you can run your practice literally from anywhere in the world! And still maintain the lifestyle you've worked so hard to attain!

Dr Todd Bickling can show you how!

By The Numbers!


Just like diagnosing and treating a patient, Own It Dental Consulting can diagnose and treat your business...By the numbers! Our business management experts provide weekly monitoring of your most vital stats to diagnose any failures, then we help you create systems to set your practice on autopilot!

18 Years of Business Experience


Over the years, Dr Todd Bickling helped grow, manage and eventually sell over $60M in dental practices! and has helped position companies for industry leading valuations! Retired from chair-side dentistry at the age of 43, Dr Bickling has YEARS of consulting and business management experience running dental practices from anywhere in the world!

Check out DrBickling's complete Bio Here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/todd-bickling-0a101b59/

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You can email Dr Bickling directly at Tbickling@OwnItDental.com, our consulting and business management experts will get back to you generally within one business day!

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