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Own it


We've Been Sold A LIE!

We've interviewed THOUSANDS of associate dentists! And when asked what their future plans are they all say the same thing, "I'd love to open my own practice one day." Then I'll hand them the most recent State Dental Association Newsletter, and show them Pages and Pages of dental practices for sale for $300K or less! Is THIS the future you dreamed about? Working for 30+ years and only having a practice worth <$300K? Is THIS the future you were promised?


According to recent Dental Economics surveys 80% dentists can't afford retire at 65 and many of them say they will have to work until they are 75 or longer! The TRUTH is, for most of us we would have been WAY better off financially by staying an associate dentist and just putting our money in the Stock Market! 

As an associate dentist for 14 years...I made way more money, had way more free time, and way less stress! 

And with young dentists coming out of school $500k+ in debt, limited dental skills, and zero business training, I believe we are in the GOLDEN AGE of Associate Driven models. 


The good news is, there is a way to win in this business. A well run dental office can still produce 15%-25% PROFIT even AFTER paying the associates! There is no need to SELL to a DSO. You can KEEP your practice and let it pay you while you enjoy the life you've always wanted! Creating jobs and helping the community at the same time!

And if you do want to SELL, we can help you position your company to obtain the highest multiple of EBITDA and negotiate the most favorable buyout terms! DSO's are begging for well run practices throwing off positive cash flow! And we can teach you how!

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